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The Cachuma Operation and Maintenance Board (COMB) is committed to operating in an open and transparent manner.  This page contains information on COMB's governance, operations and finances.


Information                                                                        Where to Find It

Mission Statement                                                         Our Mission

Board Members                                                             Board of Directors

Board Commitee Assignments                                   Board Committees

Board Meetings - Current Year                                   Board Meetings

Board Meetings - Archive                                            Meetings Archive

Board Appointment                                                       Board Appointment

Staff Members                                                                Staff Members

Services/Functions                                                       Our Services

Service Area Map                                                           Service Area Map

Sustainability Plan                                                          Sustainability Plan

Agency Budget Report                                                 COMB Budget

Agency Audit Report                                                     COMB Audit

Agency Financial Transactions Report                       State Controller's Website

Board Member and Staff Compensation                   State Controller's Website

SB 272 Enterprise System Catalog                             Senate Bill 272 Compliance

Projects for Bid                                                               Projects for Bid

Public Records Request Form                                     Public Records Request Form