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The South Coast Conduit is a concrete-lined, concrete encased steel pipeline extending twenty-six miles from the Goleta reach south to Carpinteria.  Erosion caused by severe runoff on dry hillsides affected by the recent five year drought has caused exposure of the pipeline in the Sycamore Canyon section of the system. The exposed portion of the South Coast Conduit is vulnerable to pipeline failure resulting from structural damage, corrosion, and or additional erosion material sliding over the conduit.  This vulnerability poses a significant risk to system operation. 

This project has been divided into two phases. The first phase would improve the drainage over the conduit to prevent further erosion and stabilize the slope where the pipeline is exposed. The second phase would stabilize the pipeline alignment through Sycamore Canyon improving overall slope stability.

Engineering services were retained in FY 2017-18 to conduct a site evaluation and perform a geotechnical study and project design to stabilize the slope and ensure protection and access to the pipeline.  Phase I would implement the repair in accordance with the engineering design, recommendations and specifications.