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Santa Ynez River Lagoon Berm Monitor

Under general supervision, a Santa Ynez River (SYR) Lagoon Berm Monitor (Monitor) will assist in monitoring the status of the sand berm at the outlet of the SYR to the Pacific Ocean. The task will entail driving to Ocean Park (or in close proximity if the Park is closed) at the end of Highway 246 and recording if the sand berm has been breached and if there is river connectivity to the ocean (Figure 1). Ocean-river connectivity enables steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) migration to and from the ocean and the SYR Monitoring frequency will depend on the flow condition of the river. Steelhead are an endangered species and the SYR watershed contains excellent spawning, rearing, and over summering habitat for these iconic and endangered species.

The Monitor is a temporary part-time employee of the Cachuma Operation and Maintenance Board (COMB) and is assigned under an employee services agreement. The Monitor will collect field observations and provide that information to the Fisheries Division Manager at a frequency appropriate for the objective of the task.

Compensation:  COMB will pay and hourly wage of $18 per hour and will reimburse for actual mileage at the current reimbursement rate set forth by the IRS for business use of an automobile.

SYR Lagoon Berm Monitory - Job Description.pdfCOMB Employment Application.pdf
The monitoring location at Ocean Ranch