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COMB Emergency Pumping Facility Barge

At the regular Board meeting on April 24, 2017, the Board authorized the General Manager to execute a two-year agreement with Cushman Contracting to store key components of the barge.  The change order agreement also included an approved amount to re-establish a fully-functioning Emergency Pumping Facility (EPF) if conditions require.  Exact timing on deployment of the EPF is dependent on certain factors including, but not limited to, future rainfall, lake elevation, member unit demands, state water imports and downstream water releases.  Included in this line item are funds for continued leasing of the facility components per the change order as well as funds for consultant engineering services.  COMB staff is regularly monitoring projected lake elevation scenarios for planning purposes.  If it becomes likely that the EPF needs to be deployed during this fiscal year, approval for a budget augmentation will be presented to the Board.